• Weber & Delsaux return.

    May 7, 2014

    Talk on Wednesday 14th May | 3.30pm | SCB102

    Pascale Weber and Jean Delsaux will discuss their new work undertaken during an artist-in-residency hosted by Land /Water and the visual arts research group and supported by the Marine Institute during May 2014. Their stay is also part of Erasmus exchange programme.

    The up-coming performance Drift is part of the series of performances with which Weber and Delsaux come into contact with the environment. Drift is most probably going to describe a linear line which is in fact the result of a real chaos of forces, currents, under surface energies swirling, in particular where fresh waters meet the salt waters of the sea, where the tide is fighting or going along with the stream of the river.

    Their interest lies within the aesthetic, biological, geographical, technological, and cognitivist research. They are interested in questioning the non-rational ways of perceiving, representing, understanding the visible and the sensitive.


    Hantu is a duo composed by Pascale Weber and Jean Delsaux. They conceive and carry out performances setting up a moving body confronted to an external eye.

    The dialogue between body and gaze is beyond language. Hantu has thus established a communication between a performing body and a performing eye on this body.

    These performances attempt to reach reality as well as what is beyond, presence of the body and dialogue with the eye on it.

    They performed or showed their work in Paris (Palais de Tokyo), Marseille (Friche de la Belle de Mai), Tunisia (Kheireddine Palace in Tunis), GB (Plymouth), Portugal (Avanca-Porto), USA (Alberquerque), Taiwan (Taipei, Chiayi), Canada (Montréal), Italy (Milan) and Germany (Köln).

    Pascale Weber is a performer.

    She questions Memory and Identity (memorial reconstitution and identity constitution) in particular by visiting the rites (Indonesian), the ghosts of the past and the memory of the body.

    Pascale Weber approaches the question of the gender and the representations of the body, the desire and the feminine sexuality. She asserts her presence and her gesture in continuity with atmospheric elements and the environment.

    She is senior associate professor (Performance/Photography) at the University Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne. Member of the Performance and Film Studies and Aesthetics Department (Institute A.C.T.E).

    Jean Delsaux is a visual artist.

    Involved in perception of space, he produced several urban installations regarding the perception of void.

    His experiments with images through multiscreen installations led him to consider the relations we establish with the world around us through image and the various technologies affordable today. For him an artwork is no longer an object to look at, but a performing space in which one has to consider one’s place.

    Jean Delsaux is senior associate professor (UDA) and researcher (Pascal Institute UBP/CNRS/IFMA, Labex of robotics and artificial vision), Universities of Clermont-Ferrand.