• David Prior | Of This Parish

    February 25, 2015

    Of This Parish

    A film by David Prior

    2014 / Portugal / 24 min 59 sec

    Director: David Prior / Text: David Prior and Frances Crow / Produced by liminal and binaural/nodar

    Wednesday 25 February 2015 3.30pm > 5.30pm

    A research presentation by Land/Water and Moving Image Arts

    Scott Building room 102, Plymouth University

    Of This Parish follows St. Anthony on a journey from a church tower to the threshold at which its bells can be heard. The film is both a sonic portrait of the Parish of Sul in Portugal and a meditation on the changing role of bells in a rural community.


    Please join us on 25 February for the screening of Of This Parish at Plymouth University. The film's director, David Prior, will introduce the film and talk about the background to the project; and the screening will be followed by a Q+A discussion. Do share details, and encourage your students, friends and colleagues to attend - it is free, and the event is open to all.

    Of This Parish: A Film

    It is said that Anthony’s blessed bells had the power to work miracles, to cleanse the air of demons and evil spirits, protecting animals and children from weather and fire. Of This Parish follows St. Anthony as he travels from a church tower out to the threshold at which its bells can be heard. The film is both a sonic portrait of Sul - the Parish in the Gralheira mountains of Portugal where it is set – and a meditation on the changing role of bells in a rural community. The film begins with the idea of a Parish as territory defined by sound, a community whose borders are drawn by the earshot of a bell. As we travel from the epicentre of the community to its outer limits, we encounter bells used as a call to prayer, bells as time-keepers and alarms and bells as pre-Christian protectors, casting the talismans inscribed in their metal across the phonosphere, purifying the air.

    Of This Parish was filmed on location in the parish of Sul and features the voice of Luís Costa, who was born in the region and is one of the founders of the Binaural/Nodar, the art organisation that co-produced the film with liminal. Liminal is a UK studio, which explores the relationship between, sound, space and listening. Of This Parish was made possible with support from the Arts Council England

    David Prior

    A composer and sound artist with a particular interest in the relationship between sound and space. His work spans compositions for acoustic instruments, live electronics and fixed media as well as radio programmes, sound installations and sound walks. Since 2003 most of David’s work in the area of sound art and exhibition sound design has been carried out through liminal, while his musical output is released under his own name or through his two collaborative music projects, Derailer (with John Matthias) and Arcades (with Dugal McKinnon). Additionally, David continues to work as a producer and sound mixer for music and film projects and is a member of the film and music collective4waylab.

    David’s music has been performed around Europe and North America in contexts including ISCM World Music Days, Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, International Computer Music Conference, Sonic Arts Network Expos and the State of the Nation Festival, to name but a few. His work has won a number of international competitions including Bourges International Electroacoustic Music Competition, Cornelius Cardew Prize, E.A.R (Hungarian Radio), the George Butterworth prize and a PRS Foundation ATOM award.

    After a first degree in Music and Religious Studies, David completed a PhD in music at the University of Birmingham in 2000 having completed residencies at the Banff Centre for the Arts, Canada, Les Ateliers UPIC, Paris and the Technisches Universität, Berlin where he was a guest of the DAAD.

    David is associate professor in Music and Sound Art at University College Falmouth.