• Seismic Sanctuaries

    January 15, 2015

    Stephen Vaughan & Iain Stewart

    Land/Water Research Presentation – Wednesday 21 Jan, 3.30 (SCB102)

    Seismic Sanctuaries

    Stephen Vaughan (Lecturer in Photography) and Prof. Iain Stewart (Chair of Geoscience Communication) will be discussing their recent collaborative project in Greece and Western Turkey that focuses on the relationship between ancient temple sites and underlying earthquake faults.

    For many years, Iain has been involved in geological research in this area, seeking to connect our understanding of its seismic and archaeological histories. Iain will give an overview of the tectonic/seismic context of the region and will discuss the geological significance of these sites as places chosen for the construction of sacred architecture.

    Stephen will present photographs from two bodies of work that have emerged from the project – Helike and Maeander. Helike focuses on sites around the Gulf of Corinth, including archaeological excavations at the lost city of Helike (destroyed in an earthquake and tsunami in 373 BC). Maeander examines ancient temple sites close to the Maeander River in Western Turkey that are built on, or adjacent to, earthquake faults.