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    April 28, 2015

    Booking is now open for the Wilderness / Wildness Symposium.

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    Land / Water & the Visual Arts

    2015 Annual Summer Symposium

    Plymouth University, UK

    25th and 26th June

    Wilderness / Wildness

    . . . . .

    “A wilderness, in contrast

    with those areas where man

    and his own works dominate

    the landscape, is hereby

    recognized as an area where

    the earth and its community

    of life are untrammelled by

    man, where man himself is a visitor who does not remain.”

    1964 Wilderness Act.

    . . . .

    Through focussing on a specific theme, the annual Land/Water symposium brings together artists, writers, curators and those involved in related disciplines to explore environmental questions and issues.

    This year the symposium will examine contemporary notions of Wilderness and Wildness, drawing upon the visual arts, philosophy and science. We seek reflections and discussions upon wilderness as a concept of human quest within nature, eco systems, land, landscape, place, the local and global, as well as exploring definitions of wilderness and wildness.

    The symposium offers participants opportunities to exchange ideas through presentations, conversations, portfolio sessions, exhibition and a boat trip on the river Tamar / Plymouth Sound.

    . . . .


    Liz Wells

    (writer / curator)

    Eva Cooney


    Daro Montag


    Temujin Doran


    Angus Carlyle

    (Sound Artist)

    Jay Griffiths


    Stephen Huggett