Karol Kwiatek

Karol Kwiatek


I am a second year PhD student and have been living in Plymouth since October 2007. I came from Poland. My research project is to discover new and compelling methods for developing narratives that are presented via the use of interactive still and video panorama, encompassing the use of communication technologies and virtual reality. The final goal of the project is to build on the tradition of touring panoramas to create a new form of demountable immersive digital 'gallery space' or 'virtual arena' that is suitable for a broad spectrum of audio-visual material and other creative content.

This research will lead to the creation of descriptive narratives that would be displayed on a 360-degree screen. Multi-layered multimedia assets (3D objects, movies, audio) would appear at specific times during the 360-degree movie and will enhance the effect of storytelling by showing hidden places or objects that are not visible because of, for example, the passing of time (historical objects) or because they are not visible from a viewpoint.

My interest in panoramic imagery began during my studies in Dresden in Germany. I am a panorama photographer and create multimedia presentations. I won the first prize in the first round of Business Ideas Challenge in 2008 and then I won the Creative Award in the final stage of this university competition (http://www.plymouth.ac.uk/pages/view.asp?page=22990). I have published a few multimedia DVDs with interactive fullscreen panoramas in Poland and have designed the website www2.plymouth.ac.uk/360 with interactive panoramas from our campus at University of Plymouth. I am looking for compelling stories that could be told using interactive panoramas and video panoramas.